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Nascar ProSeries

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Robbie McLuckie Holds 1st for Second Week

Our Point Leader
Robbie McLuckie

After having the hight point total in the Daytona 500 race, Robbie follows up at the Subway 400 with a 6th place finsih.  Robbie's lineup was:   Matt Kenseth,  Dale Earnhardt Jr., Ryan Newman, Kevin Harvick, Greg Biffle, & Tony Stewart.
He spread out his drivers taking 2 Fords, 2 Chevrolets, and 1 Dodge.  He didn't finish highest for the weekend, but didn't lose his hold on first place.  Going into the weekend race he had a 3 point lead, and coming out of the weekend he had only a 3 point lead.
Randy Andrew jumped up 9 spots in the standings to grab second away from Tony Drysdale.  Randy's lineup was:  Matt Kenseth, Ryan Newman, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon, & Jimmie Johnson.  Further note was that Randy ran the same lineup at the Rock as he did in Daytona, made no changes and it moved him to the top of the standings..... Let's see what he does for the Las Vegas Race.

Greg Wise Looks To Marlin

Sterling Marlin #40

Greg had the best point total after the Subway 400, he gained an incredible 16 places in the ranking and posted 157 points.  The success of Sterling Marlin's run at the Rock was a key factor in the Week Two --- TOP GAINER OF THE WEEK!

Izaak McFadden Has The Biggest Fall

Izaak in the fall

Izaak was ranked 6th in the pool going into the Subway 400.  The early exit of Jimmy Johnson, the disappointing finish of Tony Stewart, and the very risky selection of Kyle Petty to his lineup, all factored into his drop of 17 spots in the ranking.  Izaak moved down to the 23rd position and now faces a very steep hill to climb, to reach even the top ten.

Next Race - UAW-Deimler Chrysler 400 in Las Vegas
Notes:  Murray Northy claims to have a secret weapon for this weeks lineup
              Kevin Smart has been researching the slippery track specialists
              Bill Falladown believes DEI Enterprises will all race well in Vegas
              Jimmy Wilson will continue to pick however his grandson tells him too.